Recently, there has been much discussion of the idea of “productized legal services” as the next transformational strategy that will enable lawyers to make money while they sleep, increase the volume of potential clients, and move away from the tyranny of the billable hour.

Some law firms have developed a product approach as a method

Vanilla is a new disrupter in the estate planning fieldEstate Planning, traditionally the domain of the legal profession, is about to be disrupted by another new entrant, Vanilla. The company seeks to enable financial planners to offer estate planning services and documents to their clients through a network of attorneys. To be clear, by “disrupted”,  I mean the offering of a comprehensive estate

Start With the Appropriate Entity

Before starting your journey towards creating a law product or automated legal service, an initial decision you must make is the kind of entity that owns, develops, and licenses the digital application. The choice of the operating entity is the first decision you must make when deciding the develop

Marc Andreessen quipped in 2011: “Software is eating the world”. The idea of software substitutes for lawyers’ work is a radical idea for some lawyers.

The legal profession is not immune from this development. Law has a high information component. In a large sense, law is information or as Bill Palin, the young lawyer who